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  • (aka MOS, BPOS); a product and services bundle from Microsoft that includes Microsoft Online Services as well as domain administration tools, additional account storage space and increased vendor support.


  • An act of logging in to a computer system
  • In computer security, a login or logon (also called logging in or on and signing in or on) is the process by which individual access to a computer system is controlled by identification of the user using credentials provided by the user.
  • A combination of a user’s identification and password used to enter a computer, program, network, etc; The process of logging in
  • Procedure performed by a user to declare that a specific system or application is going to be used. Log-in information is used by the computer to mark and track information specific to the user.

office 365 login

office 365 login – Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 365: Connect and Collaborate Virtually Anywhere, Anytime
Microsoft Office 365: Connect and Collaborate Virtually Anywhere, Anytime
Please note: This book describes the features and capabilities of Microsoft Office 365 at the time of publication, July 2011.
Train. Coffee shop. Soccer field. Now you can connect, collaborate, and get things done—virtually anywhere—using Microsoft Office 365. Guided by business productivity expert Katherine Murray, you’ll get a running start with Office 365 cloud-based business services. And you’ll take wing as you learn best practices for connecting the people and resources you need, and orchestrating the results you want.
Connect, collaborate, consult, and create from virtually anywhere

Set up your Office 365 site, manage access, and add mobile devices
Create, edit, and share documents on the fly
Share files, calendars, and updates from your team site
Manage email, contacts, and appointments with the Outlook® Web App
Stay connected via instant messaging, voice, chat, and social media
Host live web meetings incorporating audio, video, and slide presentations
Create a public website to share information with clients and customers
Use workflows to collectively track project tasks and progress

Wishlist: Microsoft Live ID integration with Microsoft Online Services ID (VID 20111128 172222.mp4)

Wishlist: Microsoft Live ID integration with Microsoft Online Services ID (VID 20111128 172222.mp4)
Microsoft Live ID integration with Microsoft Online Services ID for Dynamics CRM and other Live ID services (VID_20111128_172222.mp4)

I believe that Microsoft should allow the administrator to select which users can add Live ID synchronization in the User Administrator portal of Office 365. This can allow user logins to several services like Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Tag Manager, Windows Azure, and groups.


After 12 relaxing days out of the office I’m back to Earth with a bump. This isn’t the most inviting screen in the word to come back to. Are we stilling comfortably? Then let’s press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to begin.

office 365 login

Office 365 For Dummies
The information you need to create a virtual office that can be accessed anywhere
Microsoft Office 365 is a revolutionary technology that allows individuals and companies of all sizes to create and maintain a virtual office in the cloud. Featuring familiar Office Professional applications, web apps, Exchange Online, and Lync Online, Office 365 offers business professionals added flexibility and an easy way to work on the go. This friendly guide explains the cloud, how Office 365 takes advantage of it, how to use the various components, and the many possibilities offered by Office 365. It provides just what you need to know to get up and running with this exciting new technology.
Examines how Microsoft Office 365 allows individual users and businesses to create a virtual office in the cloud, enabling workers to access its components anytime and from anywhere
Explains the cloud landscape and how Office 365 uses the technology to provide instant access to e-mail, documents, calendars, and contacts while maintaining information security
Covers each element of the Office 365 product, including Office Professional Plus, Exchange Online, SharePoint, and Lync Online
Shows how to take advantage of collaboration, instant messaging, audio/video conferencing, and online productivity tools
In the famous, friendly For Dummies way, this handy guide prepares you to get your head in the cloud and start making the most of Office 365.